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Top 10 Tips for Traveling to Canada

Canada is so expansive, spanning six time zones, and has many different topographies from inviting beaches to majestic mountains to prairies that allow you to see for miles, there is something for everyone. Canada does require passports for most international visitors, so it is important to make sure your passport is up to date. Canada gets many visitors from the UK, click here for British Passport renewals in Canada. Here are the 10 best tips that can make your experience traveling to Canada more enjoyable and memorable.

  1. Dress for the Weather – Depending on where you go throughout Canada and the time of year, the weather can vary. Even during the summer, in areas like high in the mountains of British Columbia, or the Yukon, temperatures can get cold. Staying in the lowlands or highly populated cities will usually bring you sweltering heat. Winters across the country can be frigid no matter where you go, so dress appropriately and be sure to check out some Amazon travel must-haves.
  2. The Money – When you see Canadian bills, you will find them to be colorful but clearly labeled for easy use. Note that there are no longer $1 or $2 bills, as these are now coins, and pennies were removed from circulation several years ago.
  3. Local Lingo – That brings us to some of the terminologies you might hear during your visit to Canada. “Loonie” and “toonie” do not refer to cartoons. A toonie is a $2 coin, while a loonie is a $1 coin that features a loon on the tails side.
  4. The People – Canada is known for its polite people. You will find friendly, warm, and welcoming people everywhere. So expect “Canadian nice” when you visit.
  5. Take Your Time – Because the country is so huge, it’s not possible to see it all in one visit. Pick a region and visit it thoroughly. There is much to see, including 16 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, world-class ski slopes, and even a wonder of the world. So rent a car and explore one area.
  6. Language – Most people in Canada speak English. There are pockets of French-speaking regions, Quebec is the largest. Even when traveling to these locations, you can still get by with English quite well.
  7. Delicacies – As Canada is a melting pot that has a mix of everyone from around the globe, you can find any food items you crave. But certain foods are truly Canadian and should not be missed. Try poutine (fries, cheese curds, and gravy), beavertails (fried dough featuring your favorite sweet or savory toppings), and Timbits (take a trip into a Tim Hortons for these popular donut holes).
  8. Major Cities – Canada’s largest cities, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and others, each have their own culture and so much to share. They all have something different to offer and they all make it easy to get around by public transit or car.
  9. Safety – Crime is not rampant in Canada with most found in the roughest parts of the major cities. Avoid those areas and it’s as safe as can be.
  10. National Parks – Canada boasts some of the most incredible parks you will find anywhere in the world. Don’t miss your chance to see the parks in the area of Canada you visit.

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