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Is it safe to fly with Emirates Airlines?

Emirates is an airline which has been actively in service for more than 3 decades and one which invested heavily in continuous improvements when it comes to the quality of its service, haul time and capacities.

It is one of the world’s top-rated airlines safety wise and in other areas, and it always has been so there’s no reason to perceive Emirates Airline safety as lesser in any category compared to any other major player.

Emirates boasts with an impeccable safety record and it is still the preferred carrier for thousands of people around the world, including Maldives where you can book your vacation at

Why? Well, because Emirates runs around 3 to 4 thousand flights per week from its base in Dubai, UAE. Five years ago, they flew over 186,000 flights, totaling a distance of over 824 million kilometers. Their standard destinations are all across the globe from the Lisbon Airport to Seattle. Incredible figures, anyone would agree. Now, the interesting part. How many of those didn’t land safely?

One (and even that one touched down at its destination).

What happened? Well, due to a technical hurdle on its final approach into Dubai, one plane did not complete the landing process spotlessly clean as usual and basically just slammed into the ground. On the outside the situation was much graver than on the inside and it was so calmly handled by the crew on board that people were calmly carrying their carry-on baggage. This event proved the level of professionalism and the impeccable skills of the staff to operate under pressure.

Safe? Absolutely. Every major carrier in the world is safe to fly on, but emirates airline safety is truly exceptional.

It’s also very comfortable with well-equipped planes, a great infotainment system, Wi-Fi and text messaging. Their fleet of Airbus A380 is top of the line and their employees are some of the most professional in the skies.

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