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Peru Travel Tips

Peru is a great country to visit.

The Best Time to Travel to Peru

If you are looking to save, the best months are from September to November and from March to May. In this period you will not spend much, especially on passages. Remember that regardless of the date, Peru has beautiful landscapes.

Of course, if your travel goals necessarily include certain dates, then it would be worth the cost. For example, if you want to enjoy a carnival or an employer’s party in a certain province, it would make no sense to miss it for spending less.

But another factor to consider is the weather. In that aspect, Peru in general goes through a dry season from July to September; but not on the coast, where you should go between December and March to avoid the cold and fog.

When we decide to do tourism in Peru through a travel agency, the tips are usually the following:

  • Anticipation for booking tour packages. Check out some of these great booking sites.
  • Hurry to take advantage of the latest deals on destinations.
  • Punctuality to be picked up at hotels, taken to restaurants or to start tours.

These tips are important, but being so aligned with business objectives, it is difficult to expect that they recommend everything we need for a trip that, apart from unforgettable, is friendly with our pockets.

Places to visit

Do not think only of Cusco and Machu Picchu. Also consider the colonial heritage of Lima and Arequipa, the cold mountains of Huaraz (Ancash), the beautiful beaches of Piura, the Amazonian essence of Iquitos, the beauty of Lake Titicaca in Puno, among others.

Maybe what suits you best is a tour. If that is the case, there are websites that offer tours at good prices like and Máncora, for example, is an excellent place to vacation.

About the Food

Peruvian food is delicious and economical, but finding restaurants that meet 3B (good, beautiful and cheap), although it’s easy, requires a little patience. Did you know you can eat with 10 dollars or less?

Beware of restaurants that look empty during the early hours of the afternoon. That probably means that your letter is very limited or that your seasoning is bad, so nobody wants to have lunch there. Peruvian restaurants usually have at least one diner at noon.

If you are very suspicious about hygiene, give a vote of confidence to the restaurant whose kitchen is visible, since it has nothing to hide from you.

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