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Is travelling a waste of time and money and why?

A slight percentage of people around the world think that travel is a waste of money. It had honestly never crossed my mind that anyone thought that way, but hey, everyone has a right to their own opinion.

Some of the arguments are that it’s always nice to see famous landmarks and tourist hotspots in real life for the first time and try food you never had before, but is it all worth it?  Why spending thousands of dollars on hotels (like the fantastic Looe hotel The Old Bridge House) and airfares for something that, in their eyes, won’t have a lasting impact on your life.

The above can be argued to a certain point, but to simply declare that traveling is a waste of time and money, well, that is a big step to take.

Why? Because it is difficulty to define what is waste. What is a waste of money? Some would argue it is spending money on non-essentials. A pint of beer, for example, would therefore qualify as a “waste”. Most people will not agree because they are getting a lot of enjoyment from it.

Is anything that gives a person pleasure a waste of money? Who are we to judge people even harshly sometimes for the actions or items they choose to spend their money on? Anything, being a trip or an object that makes you enjoy life more than you do at the moment is worth spending your money on.

The wider opinion whether traveling is a waste of time and money? Definitely a NO.

Traveling will help you get immersed in surroundings, try new things and learn about different cultures, different people, different scents, different languages, food, different ways to… And if you’re not curious enough for starters, at least your will learn about yourself.

Traveling opens your eyes, broadens your focus, brings in new perspectives. Seeing the world and the way others live in its local habitat is the best and most probably the only way to truly understand and appreciate your own life or seek motivation and ways how to change it and grow personally.

Every trip, even some non-adventurous ones, give you a lot more back in return than the price you pay for it. It gives you a more personal, direct experience – the real feel of the place. It rejuvenates your perception and outlook towards your life.

Finally, travelling is priceless but travelling also incurs costs, so proper budgeting is as important as dreaming about places.

Travel more, but travel smart too.

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