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Why You Might Fall in Love with Belize

While it’s not often thought of as a vacation destination that you simply have to visit, Belize is exactly that for so many reasons. The beaches, the clear waters, the amazing weather, and the welcoming people are all part of what just might make you fall in love with Belize.

Here’s a deeper dive into these and other things that you’ll find irresistible about this small Central American nation.


Stunning Coastline

The entire eastern part of Belize offers 174 miles of gorgeous Caribbean Sea views featuring white sand beaches and crystal clear waters that offer some of the best scuba and snorkeling opportunities in the world. Plus, if you want to get away from it all, there are plenty of small islands off the coast for a little private relaxation.


Exploring the Caves

Find some spectacular rock formations in the caves along the western borders of Belize, in places like Barton Creek Cave and Actun Tunichil Muknal. But these caves are more than just an underground world to explore. They also offer a rich history of the Mayan culture. Look closely, as you may see some of the artifacts left behind by the Mayan people over 1,000 years ago.


Cultural Melting Pot

There is so much diversity in Belize, where many people come together to create the culture of this incredible little country. Creole, Maya, Latinos, Mestizos, Garifuna, Chinese, Hindu, and Mennonites all add to the richness of the Belizean people. There is nothing quite like the blend of styles, dances, and new and ancient philosophies that are shared with visitors.


The “Go Slow” Atmosphere

You can’t help but relax when you’re in Belize. Shed all the hustle and bustle to come to the speed of the locals. There’s no rush here, so simply sit back and enjoy the views. It will all come together for you eventually and that’s part of the charm as this laid-back lifestyle is practically made to help you unwind.


A Small-Town Feel Everywhere You Go

With a population of around 300,000, Belize is certainly less crowded than most North American towns, let alone the big cities. There’s plenty of space for you to get lost on your own, interact with the friendly locals, or even run into someone you met on the other side of the country. Watch out, you may end up getting an invitation for lunch at someone’s home. That’s how welcoming the people are and how warm it is to enjoy such a small population.


Amazing Open Sea Swimming

With some of the clearest waters in the world, Belize gives you the opportunity to explore the colourful Meso-American Reef while swimming with tropical sea life like turtles, sting rays, nurse sharks, and more.


Take an adventure in a different world that takes you to places you’ll never see anywhere else. The sea, the jungle, the ruins, and the people are all reasons why you might fall in love with Belize and may make you think hard about returning home.

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