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The Best Beaches in Mexico

Nothing more ideal than relaxing on the best Beaches in Mexico while receiving all the Caribbean vibe. Mexico is a country with great tourist whereabouts and that over the years has gained experience in being one of the best tropical tourist destinations, and a great country to update your scratch off map with. Unless you are in the market for Playa Potrero Costa Rica real estate, we invite you to know our top 10 of the most paradisiacal beaches throughout the entire territory.


Located in the south west of Mexico, in the state of Oaxaca, this small town on the Pacific Coast is famous for its bays and beaches, and for the fascinating fauna that inhabits them because it remains a protected area.

Among the main attractions of Huatulco, is to be certified as a sustainable community, so most tourism services have been developed with a focus on respect for the environment and society.

Its climate is pleasant throughout most of the year (in winter the lowest temperature is 18 degrees), and the bright green of its vegetation contrasts with the bluish tones of its waters.

In addition, since it has more than 40 different hotels, one can choose whether to have a quiet day surrounded by few people or a more hectic one.

Dolphin Beach

This beautiful and peaceful destination is at the end of the Hotel Zone of Cancun.

Although large hotel chains have been installed in its surroundings, one of the peculiarities of Playa Delfines is that its establishments are small, cozy and sustainable, since it is one of the five Mexican coasts to have the international certification “Blue Flag”.

This means that the community has undertaken successful initiatives aimed at promoting responsible tourism, which goes hand in hand with environmental education and respect for biodiversity, while allowing the enjoyment of activities such as dolphin watching or surfing. There are amazing opportunities for photo shoots if you bring along your travel photography equipment.

In addition, it is also a beach visited by local tourists, which will give you the opportunity to enjoy typical food with a taste of home and at a lower cost than what you are used to in the best known places in Cancun.

And not only with food; Here you will also find free parking, so take the opportunity to rent a car and visit the archeological attractions that are on the road such as the Maya Museum Cancun and the San Miguelito and El Rey sites.


The animal that gives rise to the name of this beautiful beach is the hawksbill turtle, and your visit will not be complete if you do not visit the rescue center, where you can even help this and other marine species to reach the sea after the spawning.

This beach is located within the Bay of Chamelas, in the state of Jalisco, a territory endowed with exotic islands to islets full of color and life.

Near to Careyes there are also lagoons and mangroves that can be explored, so we recommend spending a morning knowing the charms of fresh water to enjoy a lunch with fresh seafood and an afternoon of summer sports.

Kayaking, snorkeling, diving or windsurfing are some of the favorites of travelers, although there are others for more specific tastes that do not involve being in the water, such as golf or horseback riding.

Although in Careyes you will find hotels and hostels with all the comforts, nearby there are desolate and quiet beaches where you can spend the day with very little company.

Chachalacas Beach

A very particular Caribbean destination, due to the great dunes that frame the coast seen from the sea.

This Veracruz destination has not been very exploited by international tourism, so it retains much of its authenticity and is a good option for those seeking privacy in the midst of a landscape that conveys beauty and mystery.

It is located just over an hour to the north of Veracruz, and if you continue on your way for 30 more minutes, you will find the Quiahuixtlán Archaeological Site, which centuries ago fulfilled the city, cemetery and fortress functions for the original Totonaca people.

In the surroundings of Chachalacas there are several very complete hotels, so you can spend some nights there while you know the area in depth, practice adventure activities such as sand surfing, buggy or diving, and marvel at the desert landscape.


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