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If a guy flies from far away just to see you, does he love you?

Now, it is not a common sight for a guy to organize a trip, board on a plane and fly from another state just to see a girl, without loving her. Not that it is impossible, but it is rare in any case.

For all those girls who had such a case when a guy flies to see you, odds are likely that he loves you especially if he is on a tight budget and if the trip takes days. Such dedication and persistence can speak volumes about someone’s intentions.

Still, there are some people who would do that just for fun or consider it a challenge they would do, but when the real relationship responsibility comes along, they would disappear.

The best advice would be to trust your instinct and if ever in doubt, always think about what’s best for yourself.

Taking risks for someone is a very beautiful thing you have only one life to live so you need to make valuable decisions for yourself. When someone goes a step further – or does something new and unexpected with the thoughts of you behind those actions – it only means one thing. You are special to them and there’s a very strong chance that they care very much for you.

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