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Siena is one of the most impressive cities in Italy. Unique historical square of Siena with impressive gothic architecture is what stays long in your mind after visiting. The city has 50,000 people and is on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites’ list. Siena is located in the Northern Italy, in the hills of Tuscany, about 70 km southern from its eternal rival, Florence. During the Medieval Age, Siena was always incredibly rich city-state but its power started to decline as Florence’s power rose.

Nowadays, Siena is one of the most visited cities in Italy and its main touristic attraction is the city center, entirely transformed into a pedestrian zone. The city center is known as Il Campo and it is popular worldwide for the famous Palio run, a horse run around the piazza organized twice every summer. James Bond movie fans will remember its streets from Quantum of Solace movie.

Siena will definitely charm you and even if you plan on spending just a few days in Tuscany, do not miss this lovely little town.

Guided tours visiting Siena

When to visit Siena?

You will enjoy Siena any time of the year you go. It can probably be the best during autumn (October and November especially) and spring (March to May). Have in mind it can (and probably will) rain in April and May. During summer, especially July and August, city gets hot and crowded with tourists.

Siena climate

Siena has an incredibly pleasant climate, characterized with mild weather throughout the year. In general, it’s less likely to experience big temperature changes here in comparison to the extremes that can be found in other parts of Italy. Siena has four seasons: spring (March to May), summer (June to September), autumn (October to November) and winter (December to February).

Places to visit in Siena

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