Trevi Fountain

In the movie ‘La Dolce Vita’ ravishing Swedish beauty Anita Ekberg jumps in the Fountain the Trevi inviting Marcello Mastroianni to join her. After this scene, Fountain di Trevi becomes worldwide known and recognizable. They say the movie was filmed during the winter and Mastroianni got into the water after having a few vodka shots while Ekberg did it without any hesitation. Swedish winters must had something to do with this probably. :)

About Trevi Fountain

Fountain di Trevi is one of the most famous baroque sculpture in Rome. It was built in the 18th century, by order of Pope Clemente XII, although it was there since the 15th century in a simpler form. Since it was built at the junction of three roads, it got its name by that, Fountain di Trevi - the Three Street Fountain. The fountain is 26.3 metres high and 49.15 metres wide. The architect of the fountain is Nicola Salvi.

The entire space is dominated by Neptune, who steers the carriage drawn by two sea horses. Sculpture on the left side of Neptune represents abundance, and sculpture on the right side represents wealth. Water underneath symbolizes the sea, as the Neptune is god of seas. The water comes from the Aqua Virgo aqueduct that brings it from the well 20 km away from the city. The same aqueduct is used for many other fountains in the centre of Rome.

If you want to come back to Rome - throw a coin in the fountain. If your wish has something to do with getting married, then you should throw two. However, do not overdo it as there are hundreds of fountains in Rome and each has some kind of legend connected to it. Every year only from Fountain di Trevi, local authorities raise around 3 million euros, so it is more than obvious people want to come back to this amazing city. Italians are well-aware of and so they made each step of the city a touristic attraction charging it quite a lot, all with kindness and smile.

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