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Surrounded by ancient walls, buildings and historic churches, Pisa gives you a sense of aristocratic atmosphere and it’s an ideal place for a leisure stroll through the centuries.

Thanks to the famous University of Pisa, majority of people living here are students. Numerous bars and restaurants adapted to different tastes and budget levels are contributing to lively and dynamic atmosphere of the city. You will find the best nightlife spots by the Arno river.

Many top-quality Italian cuisine restaurants are located in Pisa. You can easily find the most popular ones on the Santa Maria square as well as near the Tower of Pisa.

Arno river splits the city in four parts or four main historical quarters: Santa Maria, San Francesco, San Martino and San Antonio. Each of them has authentic surrounding and special kind of charm. Pisa is famous for the representative Tower of Pisa, a symbol of entire city. However, many people don’t know that except the Tower, it has many other attractions.

When you get to the city center and Arno river, you will find Palazzo della Carovana, Citadella and many churches, like Santa Maria della Spina and similar. After you see this part of the city, take map of Italy and look up San Gimignano, Lucca, Florence and Siena and then continue exploring breathtaking Tuscany.

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Pisa climate

Pisa is the city with characteristic Mediterranean climate. You can expect nice and warm summers with average temperature going up to 30ºC (for the period of June to August). Winters are mild and temperatures in the city never go below 0ºC.

How to get there?

The fastest way to reach Pisa is by plane, through the Galileo Galilei airport. Another convenient way is to come by train, have in mind that station S. Rossore is less than 5 minutes away from the Tower.

Public transport

Regular bus lines commute across Pisa. There are three routes, red, blue and green, and they connect central station to other parts of the city and airport as well. Taxi in Pisa is relatively cheap so you can consider that as an option as well. Bars, restaurants and monuments are within a walking distance.

Places to visit in Pisa

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