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Naples is a city located in the Southern Italy and it’s the capital of Campania region and Naples county. It has about 1 million inhabitants, but if you count the surrounding neighbourhoods, it actually has around 4.5 million people, making Naples third city in Italy according to size. Naples is part of UNESCO, known for pizza and Italian mafia.

Greek colonists founded it in the 7th century BC. At the time, it was called Nea Polis which means - new city. During the Roman age, the city kept their Greek customs but it actively participated in many events. Later on, in the Medieval age different people ruled the city so in the end it became the capital of Kingdom of Two Sicilies, or Neapolitan Kingdom. In 1860, Garibaldi tropes marched into the city and ten years later it becomes a part of the Kingdom of Italy.

In a beautiful Naples bay there are famous islands: Capri, Ischia and Procida and in their vicinity you can visit remains of Pompeii and Herculaneum, places completely destroyed in Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD.

You will feel very welcomed here as people are kind and open. Balconies all over the city are full of flowers which complements the natural beauty of the city. Seeing Naples panorama from medieval castle Sant Elmo will help you understand Goethe's fascination with this lovely city and its temperamental people. Famous TV show The Sopranos is also filmed in Naples.

Today, Naples is a popular touristic destination and you shouldn’t miss seeing their beautiful sights.

Guided tours visiting Naples

When to visit Naples?

During summer, it’s incredibly hot and humidity levels are high. However, sea breezes make it tolerable, at least on the islands and coast area.

Spring and autumn are characterized with some good and pleasant weather, although there can be some heavy showers. Best time to visit the islands is in March or October - it’s peaceful and quiet and you can still catch some warmth.

During winter, you’ll see snow on Mount Vesuvius. In general, weather from November to February can be described as ‘crisp with some sun’ but sometimes bad weather days happen for many days in a row.

Naples climate

In Naples region Mediterranean climate is predominant, with long, hot summers and mild, rainy seasons.

Food in Naples

Pizza was born in Naples and the oldest pizzeria dates back to 1830s so during your Naples visit don’t miss out on this famous Italian specialty. First pizza ever, had three ingredients only - tomato, basil and mozzarella which represented Italian flag. It was made in honour of Queen Margherita de Savoy and therefore named Margherita. We recommend you to try pizza in the restaurant Da Michele. Also, don’t forget to try Caprese salad, homemade cookies and afterwards - have an Italian coffee.

  • Da Michele is the most famous restaurant in Naples and they only serve two types of pizza: margherita and marinara (with tomato, garlic and oregano - no seafood)
  • At Trattoria Mangia e Bevi, you can see everyone - from students to professors, people enjoy this affordable, home made meals. One of the house’s specialties are pork sausages and broccoli with local hot peppers.
  • La Scialuppa, a 150 years old restaurant is made for date nights. You will love their seafood and wine selection.
  • Dora is one of the finest restaurants in Naples. Enjoy their grilled shrimps and Neapolitan music. (Be sure to make a reservation in time though.)
  • La Stanza del Gusto has a great cheese selection for starters while your main dish could be unusual chicken pate in strawberry sauce.

Public transport

Majority of visitors use a local bus or a funicular to get around the city. If you’re there for a quick trip you probably won’t need to use the metro which is mostly designed for people going to suburban areas. If you are leaving Naples you can use trains going to south-east and west of the country, but you can also get the ferry or a hydrofoil to reach different places in the bay. General tip is to plan on walking (or taking a taxi) since the public transportation is not efficient, or comfortable for that matter.

You can buy tickets at newsstands or ticket machines before boarding. Single ticket is valid for 90 mins and costs £0.78, you can use it for up to three trips for all transportation vehicles in the city, including a one trip on the metro and funicular. In case you option for a 24hr ticket for unlimited travel in the city, you will pay around £2.19 while the 3-day ticket costs £14.12 and it includes Alibus and buses on Capri and Ischia.

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