Spice Bazaar

After Grand Bazaar, Misir Carsi or the Spice Bazaar is the biggest covered flea market in Istanbul. It is located in part of the city called Eminönü, right next to the train station Sirkeci, the last station of famous Orient Express. It was built in 1660 at the location of an old Venetian market, and it was ordered by sultana Turhan, mother of sultan Mehmed IV. During the Ottoman period Egyptian goods were among the best selling ones so the entire market got the name Misir Carsi (in Turkish language, Egypt is called Misir).

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It got its second name, Spice Bazaar, due to the fact that for the centuries here were sold spices and many different herbs. Today you can find here all the smells and tastes you can imagine. They sell teas, sweets, fish, oriental smells and many other Turkish delights. Bazaar was built in shape of the L letter and inside of it there are around 100 shops offering many different things. People would sometimes refer to it as ‘the tastiest place’ in Istanbul.

It’s absolutely worth visiting for the incredible smells, colors and tastes! Just as at the Grand Bazaar, bargaining is the must here as well, especially if you are a tourist. Since Spice Bazaar is quite popular touristic attraction, prices are a bit higher than usual. All the products that you see here, you can probably find in other shops with more affordable prices. Yet, we advise you not to miss this place, if not for shopping then for the unforgettable experience and joy for senses Misir Carsi will offer you.

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