Galata Bridge

Over the Golden Horn, there is an interesting touristic attraction- Galata Bridge. Built in 1992, the bridge is placed instead of the old metal structure. It’s 500 metres long and next to the lane for motor vehicles and rail tram, the bridge has pedestrian pathways as well. From the bridge you can have a magnificent view over the coastlines and the landmarks. Under the road, plenty of restaurants and cafes are offering excellent tea, coffee, hookah, fish specialties and sandwiches. Since the fishermen are gathering on the bridge, you should be careful of the hooks.

Guided tours visiting Galata Bridge

The Galata Bridge is a spectacle itself, connecting the shores of Golden Horn and at the same time, two different civilizations and cultures. It’s unavoidable part of touristic routes throughout Istanbul and you cannot miss it on the images or engravings. Here you’ll find plenty of affordable restaurants offering fresh fish and cooked shells. (This is quite expected actually, if you look at the lines of fishermen testing their luck). If you are looking for a nicer place to eat, simply keep walking under the bridge as you will find many sophisticated and elegant restaurants down the road.

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