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Turkey is a homeland of many civilizations remembered for building the cities and empires and changing the history. People that came here interacted with native inhabitants so it’s no wonder that this region represents a center of the world’s cultural heritage. It is impossible to understand Western civilization as is nowadays, without knowing a little about thousands of years of history of this area. We remember these stories thanks to numerous magnificent monuments preserved during the time. Famous battlefields of historic battles and famous cities of Troy, Efes, Pergamon, Millet are all located on the Turkish territory.

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About Turkey

Today, Turkey is the country of contrasts, with modern cities that create new trends and old villages in the continental region where it’d seem like the time has stopped centuries ago. Monuments of the ancient world are spread around the entire country and they are considered to be among the best preserved ones in the world. Their priceless value lies in the incredible stories they are telling us. In Turkey, people are more than welcoming so it’s not that rare to start a friendship in one of the numerous delis over a cup of tea or coffee.

Another association for Turkey is shopping they are well-known for. Whether you are thinking of their famous rugs and leather products or pricey worldwide-known brands, Turkey is the destination to go.

Turkish resorts are widespread on the coasts of Aegean and Mediterranean sea. Mesmerizing beaches, cities with traditional architecture and modern hotel complexes of the most prestige world’s hotel chains situated in an untapped natural environment, very close to ancient monuments, are what makes these resorts so irresistible. Many Turkish beaches are situated in protected national parks. In the continental part of the country there are stunning natural wonders such as rocky formations and caves of Cappadocia or blindingly white terrace pools of Pamukkale. Somehow, wherever you go to in Turkey - you won’t be disappointed.

Turkey Highlights

  • Istanbul
  • Hot air balloon ride over Cappadoccia

When to visit Turkey

The best time to visit Turkey is in spring or autumn. You can also visit it in other times of the year but bear in mind that summers can be very hot and winters can get quite cold.

Food in Turkey

The Turkish cuisine is very rich in flavors and represents a powerful mixture of Asian, Persian and Arabian cuisine. It bears a powerful (and tasty!) story of history, tradition and culture fusion.

Turkey Climate

Weather in Turkey differs substantially depending on the area you are visiting. On the coastal areas on borders of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas there is a hot-summer Mediterranean climate, characterized by dry summers and mild to cool, mostly rainy winters. On the coastal areas on the Black Sea there is more of a temperate Oceanic climate. In this area, warm wet summers and a bit colder, wet winters are standard. This region actually has the highest precipitation in the entire country. Sea of Marmara, connects the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea, and this coastal region has a transitional climate between a temperate Mediterranean climate and a temperate Oceanic climate. Here you can expect warm to hot, a bit rainy summers and cool to cold, wet winters. In the continental part of the country, there are sharp contrasts among seasons due to the influence of Continental climate.

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